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Thanks to our fantastic guide and friend Aya Salih @aya__0_0/@safraty__ for making that trip so memorable. Don't hesitate to reach out to her if you ever want to travel to Baghdad.

Then just a note from Thomas here, I am super grateful and humbled to have the ability to create and share stories like this one. I know this isn’t the most algorithm-optimized, easy to consume, but I do feel that we need more stories like this more than the mindless YouTube challenge content. So I do hope it resonates with you and that it can, as I say in the video, build a bridge or plant a seed for empathy within us. I appreciate any and all of your support whatever it looks like from liking, commenting or buying some Seek, all of it goes a lot further than you can imagine. Much love to you all, see you on the next one.

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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Staffan Taylor
Filmmaker: Tarek Turkey
Editors: Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Driaan Louw, Aidan Chua,
Producer: Melida Berton
Production's Assistant: Beatrice Longo
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