Frankenstein’s Koenigsegg! Driving The Wild, One-Off Chimera

Christian von Koenigsegg is a glutton for engineering punishment. His Swedish hypercar company currently builds the Jesko (which has just set the 0-400km/h-0 record) and it’ll soon start delivering the new CC850 and Gemera to customers. That’s three distinct models, each with their own head-scratchingly complex innovations.

And yet, amongst all this, he said “yes” to a request from a customer who wanted their older-model Agera RS melded with the best bits of a Jesko and CC850 to create an absolute one-off.

Many engineering headaches later we have this, the Chimera, which blends an Agera RS with the 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine from a Jesko and the fiendishly complex manual-cum-automatic gearbox from the CC850.

Over to Top Gear Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Jack Rix, who’s been to Sweden to drive this unique Koenigsegg…

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02:25 Track Drive
06:05 Chat with Christian von Koenigsegg
15:33 Road Drive

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