• Artificial intelligence
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      Artificial intelligence is coming.   So far it seems to be some interesting pictures and woke answers to your questions about life. 
    • Cosplay grown ups 18's
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      Some Adult cosplay for Y'all
    • Tik Tok pictures and people
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      Tik Tok feeds. Some Tik Tok links. Some news about Tik Tok people
    • Tech
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      All the Tech from around the world
    • Fashion & Gossip
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      Fashion & Gossip says it all.
    • The United Kingdom
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      Some UK stuff
    • Irish News
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      News stories in Ireland
    • Ukraine feedback and ground reporting.
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      Ukraine feedback and ground reporting.   We have added a group to separate media outlets from user feedback and footage.
    • World news
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      Some bits of news from all around the world. Major new happenings.
    • USA
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      The United States of America. Land of the free.