Terms of Service

No no no:

Sales of drugs of any kind. Go to a pharmacy.

Any pornography material.

Sale of guns or drugs or anything illegal.

Spammers, scammers & princes from Nigeria.

Organising wars. Hate of any kind.

Disinformation, misleading or offensive posts.

Cow tipping. Moo.


Remember, our Google adds won't run if we allow

any of the above. We're not just being no fun. 


Yes yes yes

Crypto currency.

Crazy right wing and crazy left wing people (once you are

not being mean or spreading any sort of hate). 

Men, woman, gay, straight, old, young, trans etc etc.

Politically incorrect stuff once it's polite. It's ok to be old fashioned

once you're not trying to hurt others.


We cater for the disenfranchised. Been kicked off

for no good reason.

You are welcome here.


We will answer communications properly.