This Is DJI Dock 2

Introducing DJI Dock 2, the next step in remote drone technology.

Dock 2 is a drone-in-a-box unit that allows you to operate drones remotely. It is 70% smaller in size and weight than its predecessor, enabling operators to transport the unit to previously impossible-to-reach locations. Dock 2 is equipped with the Matrice 3D or Matrice 3TD, both of which have high-level operational cameras ideal for emergency responders, construction management, surveying, and asset inspection.

The Dock 2's setup is extremely fast and straightforward, allowing your drone to take off from its landing pad within 45 seconds. It can also be managed remotely via FlightHub 2, a cutting-edge feature that provides a complete overview of your drone's mission and Dock 2's location. This advanced technology allows for efficient and effective drone operations, enhancing your productivity and control.

Dock 2 is a revolutionary advancement for drone operators worldwide. At DJI, we are committed to advancing drone technology by enhancing our products and optimizing their functionality for enterprises worldwide.

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