Boosie Shows Boosie Town: 4 Homes He Built for His Kids on His 88 Acre Property (Part 1)

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Part 2:
Boosie has revealed that he is building homes on his 88-acre property for his kids. Boosie showed off the construction progress on four two-story homes, explaining that they were nearly completed with just a few inspections remaining. Boosie detailed his plans for the property, naming it "Gotham City" and joking about being the landlord, challenging his kids to take care of their homes. The hip-hop artist shared that he is also consulting with investors from Saudi Arabia to fund a subdivision project on his land. Beyond his aspirations for real estate, Boosie plans to install a go-kart track and a third swimming pool on the property. When asked about the cost of the properties, Boosie did not provide a figure, stating it would depend on the final additions and designs.
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