Did Scientists Discover Alien Mega-Structures?

Did scientists find Dyson spheres around stars? Neil deGrasse Tyson explores what an alien civilization might look like to us, the Kardashev Scale, and Dyson Spheres.

Learn what researchers found around previously discovered stars. We break down the Kardashev Scale and what to look for when detecting alien civilizations. Plus, learn about Freeman Dyson and how he thought a Type II Civilization might work.

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00:00 - Introduction: Dyson Sphere Discovery?
00:30 - The Kardashev Scale
2:02 - Type II Alien Civilization: Controlling the Sun
3:11 - Type III Alien Civilization: Controlling the Galaxy
4:00 - What Would Advanced Civilizations Look Like to Us?
7:45 - Dyson Spheres
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