Fortnite Reload Launch Trailer - New Mode

Rift, Reboot, Reload in Fortnite’s newest game mode: Fortnite Reload -

Fortnite Reload is a fast-paced, high-action game that is all about carrying the squad to Victory. If you’re eliminated you’ll have the chance to rift back into gameplay over the course of the match until the reboot timer expires. Either your entire squad is wiped and it’s onto the next match or you find yourself at the top taking out all rifted, rebooted, and reloaded enemies to claim a Victory Royale.

Squaddies reboot in Fortnite Reload, so long as one member of the team remains. Reload is a 40-player Squads experience on a tighter map featuring familiar locations like Tilted Towers and Retail Row. The Storm is closing in… fast! And so are your opponents. A full team wipe means Game Over! Whether you choose build or Zero Build, the last squad standing wins.


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